Chefs Corner is a high-end European restaurant included in the list of 30 best restaurants in Latvia under the "Best New Restaurant" and "Best Drinks" categories.

Located in the heart of the quiet center of Riga, Chefs Corner attracts both, travelers and locals, who appreciate a great style and atmosphere combined with haute cuisine for every taste.
"My culinary style comes from a full flawless understanding of the product.

Understanding the product I can intuitively combine it with seemingly incompatible ingredients.
For example, oyster bread with blood sausage and caviar. New, unexpected combinations, startling flavors, and never-ending pleasure from astonishing taste - perhaps, this is what Chefs Corner signature looks like."

Chef of Chef's Corners restaurant

Eric Livmanis

Restaurant's menu is designed to meet the most diverse taste preferences: from all kinds of steaks, including the famous Tomahawk - a grilled long-bone Rib Steak, to vegetarian alternatives like smoked eggplant with carpaccio confit and arugula topped with walnuts and Roquefort cream.

Zucchini tartare
Sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese mousse
9.00 Eur

Marble beef tartare
Shimeji mushrooms, fermented egg yolk gel
14.00 Eur

Yellow Fin tuna tartare
Wakame, ponzu sauce
15.00 Eur

Marbled beef carpaccio
28 days dry aged, black truffles
17.00 Eur

Gambero Rosso shrimp ceviche
Avokado, mango, lime zest
13.00 Eur

Sweet tomato soup
Seafood, lobster butter
9.00 Eur

Boletus cream soup
Eringi chips, truffle sour creme
9.00 Eur

Nicoise salad
Tuna, eggs, anchovy mayo
13.00 Eur

Home smoked salmon salad
Avocado, honey mustard sauce
12.00 Eur

Caramelized foie gras
Roquefort cream, brioche, cherry
16.00 Eur

Warm tomato sauce, gnocchi, parma
12.00 Eur

Octopus salad
Sweet tomatoes, capers, citrus dressing, potatoe
17.00 Eur

Baked sea scallops
Cauliflower cream, chorizo, bisque sauce
15.00 Eur


Please, ask your waiter
4.50 Eur

Served with: raspberry and shallot vinaigrette, lemon.


Lightly smoked octopus
Fried vegetables, mashed royale potatoes
24.00 Eur

Scottish wild salmon 40 'С
Spinach, oyster bread, trout roe
21.00 Eur

Grilled yellow fin tuna
Wakame, fennel, asparagus
24.00 Eur

Chef's Corner burger
French fries, roquefort sauce
18.00 Eur

Muscovy duck breast
Pear, cauliflower cream, cherry
19.00 Eur

Rack of lamb
Roasted potatoes, tomato confit
26.00 Eur

Grilled calf liver
Truffle mushed potatoes, bacon chips
20.00 Eur

Grill mix
Ribeye 0.200kg
UK prime beef
Aberdeen Angus

21 days dry aged
Tenderloin 0.200kg
Bavette 0.250kg

Served with sweet corn, tomato confit, watercress
65.00 Eur

Ribeye – 300 g.
UK prime beef Aberdeen Angus.21 days dry aged
11 Eur per 0.100 kg

New York Striploin – 250 g.
UK prime beef Aberdeen Angus. 21 days dry aged.
(minimum portinon 0,250kg)
10 Eur per 0.100 kg

Tenderloin – 100 g (0,200kg -1.5kg.)
11 Eur per 0.100 kg

Chateaubriand – 0.500kg.
50 Eur

Fillet mignon – 250 g.
29 Eur

A5 Miyachiku Wagyu
50 Eur per 0.100 kg

Bavette – 250 g.
31 Eur

Veal Rack 0.300kg
24 Eur

Served with tomato confit, watercress salad and sauce for choice:

• Red wine sauce
• Peppercorn sauce
• Chimichuri sauce
• Boletus velute

Side Dishes of your choice:
5.00 Eur

• Baked young potatoes with cep and shallots.
• Truffle mushed potatoes.
• French fries with truffle and parmesan cheese.
• Grilled seasonal vegetables with rosemary oil.
• Green beans with nut oil and almonds.
• Mix greens salad with grapes oil 10 flavours.

Chef's Corner creme brulle
7.50 Eur

Strawberry Pavlova
7.50 Eur

Lemon tart by Chef's Corner
7.50 Eur

Pistachio ball
Sesame and milk chocolate crispy, raspberry jelly.
7.50 Eur

Sea buckthorn panna cotta
7.50 Eur

Ice cream and Sorbet
(For choice, one scoop)
2.50 Eur

We invite you to taste our deliciously handcrafted menu during the Chefs table event.
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